Daniel Taylor

Sr. Service Engineer


I'm a data professional who has been in the industry for over 20 years. I work as a Senior Fast Track Engineer at Microsoft, where I help customers move and update their data workloads to Azure. I have been a consultant for pragmatics works and a full-time employee for the biggest food chain in the southeast US, I worked for Nielsen media research for 10 years, I have also worked in the insurance industry. I have a lot of experience with SQL Server, both on-premises and in the cloud, and I love to share what I know and learn with the community. I have spoken at SQL Saturday events, where I have talked about topics such as Azure Dedicated Pools, SQL Server performance tuning, and Azure Synapse Analytics. I have also given pre-conference sessions on Fabric, Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace, and DBA sessions from beginner to intermediate. I like to interact with the audience and answer their questions, and also to learn from their feedback and perspectives. In addition to speaking at events, I also create video content that focuses on SQL Server Services with a focus on Azure PaaS. I also create content on topics such as Azure Synapse Analytics and Microsoft Fabric for groups within Microsoft and for our personal channel Tales from the Field. I enjoy making videos that demonstrate how to use different features and services of Azure and SQL Server, and that showcase real-world scenarios and solutions. I also like to collaborate with other data professionals and experts in the field, and to exchange ideas and insights. My goal as a content creator is to educate and entertain the audience, and to spark their interest and curiosity in the data world. My aim as a speaker is to motivate and enable data professionals to use the power and possibilities of Azure and SQL Server, and to help them reach their data objectives. I'm always looking for new chances to speak and share my enthusiasm with the community, and I'm eager to be part of bigger conferences and especially community events.